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Feb 27, 2015

NEXT EVENT: Aldo Vanucci (UK) + Spark Arrester + Mad Method @ She-Sha (Blacksburg, VA) 2/27/15

Boogieburg proudly presents Aldo Vanucci (UK) @ She-Sha Cafe & Hookah Lounge in Blacksburg, VA!

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Feb 1, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Spark Arrester - "Your Kisses (Let's Groove)" has released "Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul" Vol. 5 featuring the newest track by Spark Arrester called "Your Kisses (Let's Groove)". Weighing in at 83 beats per minute and 4 minutes in length, "Your Kisses (Let's Groove)" is a mostly instrumental hip-hop track incorporating vinyl samples of "Scarborough Fair" by Gershon Kingsley (1969), "Hi Heel Sneakers" by a young Stevie Wonder (1965), and "Shangri-La" by The Four Coins (1957). "Your Kisses (Let's Groove)" was mastered by Warp9 and is amongst some very funky, soulful, reggae, hip-hop, and breaks on this fine album. Don't miss some killer tunes by Basement Freaks, Mr. Bristow, Zamali, DJ Rebel, The Delegators, JR Dynamite, and many more. Download your free copy right here!

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Dec 16, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Spark Arrester - "Soften The Blow" (Boogieburg Recordings)

New music for you! We are proud to release a smoldering, slow-burning addition to the Spark Arrester discography. "Soften The Blow" features a 'modest' sampling of a rather well known Washington-based folk/rock band building upon a few chunks of banjo and vocals. Growing up attending countless bluegrass festivals and in recent years playing alongside heavy-hitting acts like multiple artists from the Pretty Lights Music family, it's no surprise to hear a banjo sample turn into a Spark Arrester electro-folk weapon. The mastering skills of Warp9 were called upon for this one and we are more than impressed. Check him out at This is yet another free release and you can grab it below in the player. Alternatively, if you are a fan of Bandcamp and the "Name Your Price" philosophy, you can head over to the Bandcamp player below the Soundcloud one. Enjoy!

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Nov 1, 2014

NEXT EVENT: The Polish Ambassador, Mr Lif, Ayla Nereo, & Wildlight @ Sycamore Deli (Blacksburg, VA) 11/4/14

Tuesday, November 4th: Jumpsuit Records & Boogieburg present "Pushing Through The Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour" featuring The Polish Ambassador w/Liminus plus Mr. Lif, Ayla Nereo, & Wildlight @ Sycamore Deli, Blacksburg, VA [Facebook Event] [BUY TICKETS]

Hard tickets available at She-Sha Cafe & Hookah Lounge (next to Sycamore Deli) and they are $20 cash only. Grab yours before they sell out!

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Oct 20, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Spark Arrester - "Yiri Sun" EP (Boogieburg Recordings)

We are proud to release the new "Yiri Sun" EP by Spark Arrester. "Yiri Yiri Boom" features Afro-Cuban sounds from 1980's Benin (Western Africa), thick MPC-style hiphop beats, gorgeous strings, reggae-tinged keys, and synths that hint towards Spark Arrester's influences from performing alongside heavy hitters in the world of electro-soul. "Theme of the Sun" samples the early 1970's work of Rodriguez, this time as an upbeat, full on string-filled funk affair that brings timeless sounds to a modern, forward-thinking dancefloor. Two tracks that show the versatility of the Boogieburg sound and the love for many decades of music. Enjoy this free release!

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Oct 16, 2014

NEXT EVENT: Spark Arrester & Warp9 @ Eighteenth Street Lounge (DC) 10/17/14

Friday, Oct. 17: Warp9 (Adapted Records, Scour Records, Philos Records) and Boogieburg's Spark Arrester will be providing the soundtrack to a great night on the patio at Washington, DC's legendary Eighteenth Street Lounge. Check out the ESL website for dress code & other info.

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Oct 2, 2014

NEXT EVENT: BOOGIEBURG BANGOVER w/WARP9 @ Sycamore Deli (Blacksburg, VA) 10/3/14

Tomorrow night! 10/3/14: 

Boogieburg Presents... BOOGIEBURG BANGOVER w/Warp9 (Adapted Records, Miami) + Groove Status (Richmond) + Boogieburg (Spark Arrester + Jason Cerna) @ Sycamore Deli, Blacksburg, VA [Facebook Event]

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Sep 24, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Ageless - "Wavy Ride" (Spark Arrester & Bluhax Remix)

It's out! Brand spankin' new album out now by NYC's Ageless titled "I'm Gone" featuring collaborations with Willdabeast (of Michal Menert Big Band / Super Best Records / Pretty Lights Music) and a remix by Boogieburg's Spark Arrester & Bluhax.

The album is available as a NAME YOUR PRICE release, so go ahead and cop it for FREE if you're short on cash. If you'd like to show a little love and help support the future of fine releases like this, you can name your own price and donate $2, $10, $20, or whatever you like. The focus here is the music, so the most important thing is you getting to hear this. It helps more than you know to simply click "share" and spread the word a bit on Facebook, Twitter, etc., so please do! We will love you for it. Enjoy!

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Aug 26, 2014

NEW RELEASE: "Long Black Road" (Spark Arrester Re-Edit)

OUT NOW! Another installment of slow-burning, bass-heavy, party breaks from Spark Arrester is out now for free download. "Long Black Road" (Spark Arrester Re-Edit) samples guitar and vocals from Electric Light Orchestra's Japan-only bonus track featured on their "Zoom" album. The talents of Miami's Warp9 ( were called upon to master this exciting new dancefloor scorcher. Please share the love by following Spark Arrester on SoundCloud, commenting, and reposting. We hope you love this one!

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Jul 20, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Spark Arrester - "Windy City Soul"

We are pleased to announce that we have a new release from Spark Arrester titled "Windy City Soul". This tune is a smoldering glitchy, ghetto funk / electro soul slow burner. This versatile track rocks nice 'n heavy at 90BPM, draws from Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4", features the funk guitar licks of Giorgos Fotiadis of Basement Freaks, and was mastered by Warp9. "Windy City Soul" makes for a perfect transitional track to 180BPM drum 'n bass, too. It is available for free download as a high quality mp3 and also WAV format. Please share the love by following Spark Arrester on SoundCloud, commenting, and reposting. We hope you dig!

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Jul 18, 2014

NEW DJ MIX: Jason Cerna - "Thug Rave"

Brand new mix by Jason Cerna is available now on MixCloud!

Thug Rave by Jason Cerna on Mixcloud


Jul 15, 2014


Saturday, July 19 - Event Nation & Boogieburg Present... "Boogieburg Bangover DC Edition" w/BOOGIEBURG (Spark Arrester & Jason Cerna) + BETA SQRD + KIFFY @ Pure Lounge (Washington, DC) [Facebook Event]

This is a 21+ event and there is an open bar (free drinks!) from 9-10pm. Use coupon code: "boogieburgjohn" for $5 discount making tickets only $5 total. TICKETS: 

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Jun 30, 2014


Metro! Roanoke proudly presents…

DJ Stickybuds (Canada) + Jon H (of Fort Knox Five, DC) + Spark Arrester (of Boogieburg)

If you have ever gotten sweaty on a Boogieburg dancefloor, you have undoubtedly heard the music of Canada's Stickybuds and DC's Fort Knox Five. These guys are 2 of the heaviest hitters in the funk breaks scene and it is a treat to be able to catch both of them in 1 night so close to Blacksburg on a rock-solid sound system on a summer Saturday night in such a hip, modern setting like Metro! Ages 21+, $5 at the door. [Facebook Event]


Apr 14, 2014

NEXT EVENT: SUPERVISION & PAUL BASIC (of Pretty Lights Music) 4/18/14 @ Sycamore Deli

This Friday night we are proud to host 2 artists from the Prett Lights Music label: SuperVision and Paul Basic. The Facebook Event page, flyer, promo video, and SuperVision's newest EP are all listed below. Presale ticket info is on the Facebook Event page. Cheers!

Fri Apr 18 - "BOOGIEBURG BANGOVER" w/SUPERVISION (Pretty Lights Music) + PAUL BASIC (Pretty Lights Music) + BOOGIEBURG + DJ PYRITE + MAD METHOD (@ Sycamore Deli, Blacksburg, VA) [Facebook Event]


Apr 2, 2014

"RE:FILL" 10 Year Anniversary Parties

My, how time flies. Boogieburg is proud to announce that the bi-weekly party "RE:FILL" is turning TEN this month. Crazy! Both RE:FILL parties in April will be celebrations of a decade full of helping people let loose in a positive, drama-free, funky atmosphere on Thursday nights. It's been quite the journey, indeed. Boogieburg's Spark Arrester, Jason Cerna, and Bluhax will be playing starting early (8:00PM) so that you can come take advantage of Happy Hour deals. The Rivermill has some great specials. Trevor Young will be joining in on the action. His always-quality selection is 100% Boogieburg approved. Look out for the April 17th RE:FILL, as there are some very special guests from years past. Check out the Facebook Event here!


Apr 1, 2014

RECAP VIDEO: Boogieburg Bangover w/AGELESS (Philos Records, NYC) 2/28/14

Pick up 20+ FREE DL's on our "REWIND" page that were played at the party!


Feb 11, 2014

New DJ Mix: Jason Cerna - "Eat Sleep Boogieburg Repeat" (FREE DL!)

We've got a brand new DJ mix by Boogieburg's Jason Cerna for you this week as a free download. Lots of great tunes on here by the likes of Griz, Warp9, Mux Mool, NinjaSonik, WBBL, Slynk, Featurecast, and more.

And now, with out further ado... "EAT SLEEP BOOGIEBURG REPEAT"!

Eat Sleep Boogieburg Repeat by Jason Cerna on Mixcloud


Jan 25, 2014

New Track: Jason Cerna - "Deep Freeze '72" (FREE DL!)

Check out this new free tune by Boogieburg's Jason Cerna!

"Inspired by the snowy weather and my father’s adventures in the Antarctic in the 70’s, I wanted this track to feel like it was made to be backing music for a segment in a snowboarding video. The main samples used, that have been manipulated, were from an old Cookshop Records vs Akanda remix competition being held around 7 years ago."


Jan 20, 2014

New Album: Bluhax - "Chutes and Ladders" (FREE DL!)

We are more than excited to announce the addition of Bluhax to our Boogieburg roster. Tyler McDonald is a beast in the studio, producing not only all of his own dance music, but also recording many bands. His synthy, electro house is highly musical and super unique. Just wait, these tracks will get stuck in your head and your head will surely thank you. His new album "Chutes and Ladders" is available for free download (name your price). If you would like to show your support, click "share" and help spread the good word. This album has been making for a lot of very happy dance floors lately and we have a feeling many more are in the near future. 


Oct 8, 2013

NEXT EVENT: Late Night Radio (10/25/13) @ Sycamore Deli

Our next event!

Check the Facebook Event!

And check out the event promo video!