Apr 14, 2014

NEXT EVENT: SUPERVISION & PAUL BASIC (of Pretty Lights Music) 4/18/14 @ Sycamore Deli

This Friday night we are proud to host 2 artists from the Prett Lights Music label: SuperVision and Paul Basic. The Facebook Event page, flyer, promo video, and SuperVision's newest EP are all listed below. Presale ticket info is on the Facebook Event page. Cheers!

Fri Apr 18 - "BOOGIEBURG BANGOVER" w/SUPERVISION (Pretty Lights Music) + PAUL BASIC (Pretty Lights Music) + BOOGIEBURG + DJ PYRITE + MAD METHOD (@ Sycamore Deli, Blacksburg, VA) [Facebook Event]


Apr 2, 2014

"RE:FILL" 10 Year Anniversary Parties

My, how time flies. Boogieburg is proud to announce that the bi-weekly party "RE:FILL" is turning TEN this month. Crazy! Both RE:FILL parties in April will be celebrations of a decade full of helping people let loose in a positive, drama-free, funky atmosphere on Thursday nights. It's been quite the journey, indeed. Boogieburg's Spark Arrester, Jason Cerna, and Bluhax will be playing starting early (8:00PM) so that you can come take advantage of Happy Hour deals. The Rivermill has some great specials. Trevor Young will be joining in on the action. His always-quality selection is 100% Boogieburg approved. Look out for the April 17th RE:FILL, as there are some very special guests from years past. Check out the Facebook Event here!


Apr 1, 2014

RECAP VIDEO: Boogieburg Bangover w/AGELESS (Philos Records, NYC) 2/28/14

Pick up 20+ FREE DL's on our "REWIND" page that were played at the party!


Feb 11, 2014

New DJ Mix: Jason Cerna - "Eat Sleep Boogieburg Repeat" (FREE DL!)

We've got a brand new DJ mix by Boogieburg's Jason Cerna for you this week as a free download. Lots of great tunes on here by the likes of Griz, Warp9, Mux Mool, NinjaSonik, WBBL, Slynk, Featurecast, and more.

And now, with out further ado... "EAT SLEEP BOOGIEBURG REPEAT"!

Eat Sleep Boogieburg Repeat by Jason Cerna on Mixcloud


Jan 25, 2014

New Track: Jason Cerna - "Deep Freeze '72" (FREE DL!)

Check out this new free tune by Boogieburg's Jason Cerna!

"Inspired by the snowy weather and my father’s adventures in the Antarctic in the 70’s, I wanted this track to feel like it was made to be backing music for a segment in a snowboarding video. The main samples used, that have been manipulated, were from an old Cookshop Records vs Akanda remix competition being held around 7 years ago."


Jan 20, 2014

New Album: Bluhax - "Chutes and Ladders" (FREE DL!)

We are more than excited to announce the addition of Bluhax to our Boogieburg roster. Tyler McDonald is a beast in the studio, producing not only all of his own dance music, but also recording many bands. His synthy, electro house is highly musical and super unique. Just wait, these tracks will get stuck in your head and your head will surely thank you. His new album "Chutes and Ladders" is available for free download (name your price). If you would like to show your support, click "share" and help spread the good word. This album has been making for a lot of very happy dance floors lately and we have a feeling many more are in the near future. 


Oct 8, 2013

NEXT EVENT: Late Night Radio (10/25/13) @ Sycamore Deli

Our next event!

Check the Facebook Event!

And check out the event promo video!


Sep 11, 2013

NEXT EVENT: "Boogieburg Bangover" w/BUKU (9/13/13) @ Sycamore Deli

Our next event!

Check the Facebook Event!

And check out the event promo video!


Jul 16, 2013



We've got an exciting new addition to our site. FUNK TRUNKS!

These portable stereo boomboxes run on internal rechargeable batteries with 10+ hrs of playtime, or can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. A perfect accessory for festivals, parties, tailgating, street performing, or just rocking out in your living room. Rock out in style and turn heads with a handmade Funk Trunk. Just plug in any media device via standard 1/8" headphone jack. External volume, bass and treble controls. All Funk Trunks come with 2 stage regulated battery charger that just plugs in via DC jack, AC adapter for wall power, and mp3 cord. 

All are made in North Carolina, USA with love. Pick one up here: boogieburg.com/funk-trunks


Jun 17, 2013

NEXT EVENT: "Shore Fest Live" (6/22/13)

NEXT EVENT: Sat, June 22 - "SHORE FEST LIVE" w/BOOGIEBURG SOUNDSYSTEM + NATURE'S CHILD + TIMLEE + BROKE DOWN JAMES + THE RIVERBANK RAMBLERS (27379 Martin Rd. Hacks Neck, Va 23389... on the Delmarva Peninsula, Chesapeake River side) [Facebook Event]


Mar 11, 2013

NEXT EVENT: "Boogieburg Bangover" w/WICK-IT THE INSTIGATOR (3/16/13) @ Sycamore Deli

NEXT EVENT: "Boogieburg Bangover" w/WICK-IT THE INSTIGATOR + KORIN COMPLEX + DJ PYRITE + AUDEON (3/16/13) @ Sycamore Deli (Blacksburg, VA) [Facebook Event]


Feb 26, 2013

NEXT EVENT: Boogieburg's "YES RASTA" Reggae Night. 622 North. 2/28/13

Thu 28 -  "YES RASTA" w/DJ CELLARDOOR BOOGIEBURG (622 North, 622 N. Main St., Blacksburg, VA) 10p-2a, FREE, 21+ [ Facebook Event ]


Jan 24, 2013

"Boogieburg Bangover" w/BUKU @ Sycamore Deli (02.09.13)

"Boogieburg Bangover" w/BUKU @ Sycamore Deli (02.09.13)

Sat, Feb 9 - Boogieburg presents... "BOOGIEBURG BANGOVER" w/BUKU + BOOGIEBURG + KIFFY + MAD METHOD @ Sycamore Deli (211 B. Draper Rd. NW, Blacksburg, VA)

Join the Facebook Event!


Sep 11, 2012

Brand new DJ mix full of midtempo head-nodding gypsy hiphop swing beats by Boogieburg's Spark Arrester. Check it!



01. B. Visible - "Lugna Misfits"
02. Latyrx - "8 Point Agenda" (PH Remix)
03. RJD2 - "Charmed Life" (B. Visible Remix)
04. DJ Sol Rising - "Light of Wisdom"
05. Palov - "The Dude"
06. Restless Leg Syndrome - "Fiddle Dee Dee" (B. Visible Remix)
07. Cro - "Easy" (DJP's Old School Edit)
08. ODJ Box - "Birmingham"
09. Gramatik - "Moar Jive"
10. ODJ Box - "Saraghina"
11. Titan Sound vs. Dub Terminator - "War-Izm" (KRS One & Channel Live on the War Riddim)
12. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "T.R.O.Y" (SixAM Remix)
13. Dutty Moonshine & JFB - "Move Ya"
14. Shantel - "Bucovina" (Kotch Remix)
15. Forty Thieves Orkestar - "Balkan Babylon"


May 20, 2012

NEW FREE DOWNLOAD: Devendra Banhart - "Shabop Shalom" (Spark Arrester Remix)

New release on Boogieburg Recordings!

Devendra Banhart - "Shabop Shalom" (Spark Arrester Remix) *Scour Exclusive*

Available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Spinforth's "Weekly SoundCloud Scour" #59 on the Ghetto Funk website.

Mixed and Mastered by George Fotiadis of Basement Freaks. Samples used with permission and praise by J-Pod.


Apr 18, 2012

"Boogieburg Bangover" w/DAVE NADA + JEN LASHER

"Boogieburg Bangover" w/DAVE NADA + JEN LASHER

Boogieburg returns with another installment of the highly popular "Boogieburg Bangover" party on Wed, May 2 @ Sycamore Deli w/DAVE NADA (the creator of Moombahton) and JEN LASHER, making their way from Los Angeles. Check out the Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/388116371220103/

Photos from the first party on April 13th are right here: http://boogieburg.com/04-13-12-bangover-gs

See you there!


Jan 25, 2012

NEW FREE RELEASE! Spark Arrester - "Woove It!" Producer Mix

Boogieburg's Spark Arrester releases their 27 minute "Woove It" Producer mix. 

Featuring 10 never before downloadable Spark Arrester tracks, remixes, and edits including their 'Needles & Daggers Remix' of Emancipator's "Elephant Survival". This is NOT your typical "DJ Mix". Every track has been remixed, produced by, and/or heavily edited by Spark Arrester (John Gaskins + Joey Paulekas). All exclusive. Only heard right here. Please share with your best music-loving friends! Catch Spark Arrester alongside Pretty Lights Music's PAPER DIAMOND in Floyd at the Sun Music Hall Wed, Feb 1st! Also, don't miss EMANCIPATOR at the same venue Sat, Jan 28th! Tickets are available on the EVENTS page.

Download for FREE on Soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/sparkarrester/spark-arrester-woove-it


Dec 2, 2011

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