DJ Flo - Boogie Toast Vol 2

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    DJ Flo - Boogie Toast Vol 2


This is a new funky mix from our man DJ Flo, honorary member of Boogieburg Soundsystem, who is now based out of Cali and comes correct every DJ set with party rockin' mixing, rock solid track selection, and on-point scratching techniques. 'Nuff said!


1. Lisa Realeyez- Get Some More Bounce Girl
2. Son of a Pitch- Take A Sunshower
3. D-Funk - Light My Fire
4. The Breakdown Bandits- Funky Music Till You Die
5. Slynk- Boogie Call
6. Basement Freaks- Am Free
7. Wicked Lester - Sugar Sugar
8. Crimson and Boogie- Spark Arrester
9. Manmade- Supersonic feat. Penny
10. Breakbeat Junkie &DjP - Gypsy Breaks
11. Mashed Up Funk- Party Sweep
12. Mooqee & Beat Vandals-Back Up
13. Philly Blunt- Mashboy Crim
14. Phunk Sinatra- Funkin You
15. ???
16. Slynk- Vegemite Sandwich
17. ???
18. Mooqee & Beatvandals- Rock The Beat (Remix)
19. MoPo- Conglageration
20. A Skillz- I Cant Give You Up (Remix)
21. Nick Thayer- Keep It Locked
22. Break Free- Spark Arrester