EPHNIKO (ef-ni-ko) is a Bi-lingual songwriter, global funk selector and emcee residing in Miami. His brand of lyricism sketches poetic portraiture onto musical canvasses that are rooted in the concrete mechanics of 90s Hip-Hop while expanding into the unpredictably eclectic. His sonic vibration has been deemed similar in one way or another to Orishas, Mos Def, Damian Marley, Thievery Corporation, and Vico C among others. Furthermore, his genre transcending songwriting has been compared with the likes of Ruben Blades, Nas, Jim Morrison, and Guru.

The inspiration for such remarkable lyrics arises as much from the details of his life journey as it does from his desire to help in the efforts against mental colonization. In the artist's own words, “My artistic struggle is as much a need to elevate spirits through my channels of expression as it is a means of resistance to economic injustice, racism, environmental destruction, and brutality." It sounds serious, but Ephniko’s balance of musicality, flavor, humor, and story telling never fails to keep the content entertaining.

Ephniko connects to his audience with sharp delivery, charismatic stage presence, jazzman like improvisation skills, and a unique musical journey that sets him apart from his counterparts. He dropped his solo album "Escribo Lo Que Vivo" in late 2007. The artist has before and since produced and self-released 6 music videos with airplay on MTV and other national channels all over Latin America and the US, has featured in over 18 releases, dropped several releases of his own and his music has appeared in films, TV, and other audiovisual productions, all without the help of any major labels.

As a global funk selector Ephniko approaches crowds as a rhythm shaman looking to heal their stress and sadness by taking them on a journey. He does so by combining tribal-like acoustic sounds from folklore all over the world with the electromechanical vibrations of the first world inner cities where he found his musical voice. The journey is nothing less than orgasmic. He describes this style as "African Roots music from outer space." Dancing, falling in love, outta body experiences, laughter, sharing life as a community, exorcisms, past life regressions, and spirit incarnations all have allegedly taken place during his sets, and from what people say: 'they are a lot of fun'.

His crowd rocking abilities as an emcee, poet, selector, and band director have put his name on the bill alongside Vico C, Immortal Technique, Cultura Profetica, Mad Professor, KRS-One, Macaco, Bobbito, Dead Prez, Black Eyed Peas, Puff Daddy, Easy Star All Stars, Midnite, Luciano, Gondwana, Alika, King Chango, Morgan Heritage, and Grupo Niche among others. As an internationally active musician Ephniko has performed in multiple festivals and concerts in New York City, Bogota, Barranquilla, Miami, San Francisco, Costa Rica, Guatemala, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Caracas, Manila, Johannesburg, Capetown, Thailand, La Paz, Lima, Ecuador, and many more.

Not only an artist, Ephniko also functions as a Hip-Hop educator/researcher doing workshops with youth programs through festivals, outreach programs, juvenile detention centers and schools. He is currently deeply involved in developing a method to teach about the 5th element of Hip-Hop which opens the gates of insight into philosophy, metaphysics, and spiritual sciences through the practices of music, lyricism, dancing, and visual arts.